White House Physician

Future Projects

Dr. Deppisch currently is at work on his next book, which is tentatively titled “The Medical Care of America’s First Ladies.” He will explore therein the effects, if any, of their White House responsibilities upon their health; contrasts in their medical care with that afforded their presidential husbands; and whether their treatment was different than that given to other female citizens at the time.

The book will continue a theme of ‘The White House Physician’ by emphasizing the role of the involved physicians. It will portray the personalities, medical backgrounds, and treatments of physicians who took care of the First Ladies.

Interestingly, in contrast to a sum of eight presidents who died during their tenures, only three presidential wives have died during the two and a quarter centuries of the Presidency.

An incomplete chapter list includes:

* Who selects the First Lady’s Physician?
* Presidential Wives and Presidential Physicians
* Letitia Tyler: The Death of the First of the First Ladies
* Caroline Harrison: Tuberculosis in the Nineteenth Century: The White Plague
* Eleanor Wilson: Physician Conflict of Interest: The President’s Health Comes First
* Ida McKinley and the White house Physician
* Homeopathic Predilection
* Presidential Spouses: Neuroses and Psychoses
* The White House Medical Unit and Twenty-First Century Care
* Malaria in the White House

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White House Physician