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Buy the Book : White House Physician
White House Physician

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The White House Physician

The White House Physician

It is easy to purchase The White House Physician. You can go to either Amazon.com or at Barnes and Noble (clicking on the links below will take you to their web sites.)

Link to purchase the book on Amazon.com or  Barnes and Noble

You may also contact the publisher at:

McFarland & Company Inc., Publishers
Box 611
Jefferson, North Carolina 28640

The book is 206 pages, plus 41 pages of notes and bibliography. There are 15 chapters covering the following topics.

1.  Samuel Bard: The First Presidential Physician
2.  The Pillars of the Profession: Presidential Physicians, 1812-1865
3.  The Military Steps In, Part I: The Early Days, 1823-1865
4.  The Military Steps In, Part II: Conflicts and Cooperation, 1865 – 1898
5.  Admiral Presley Rixey: The First Authentic White House Physician
6.  Captain Joel Boone and the Institutionalization of the Office of the White House Physician
7.  The Military Keepers of the Stethoscope: Doctors Cary Grayson, Ross McIntire and Howard Snyder
8.  Physician Anecdotes: The Returnee, the Academic, the Consultant and the Defendant, 1953 – 1981
9.  Civilian Interlude, Part I: Medical Chaos in Camelot
10.  Civilian Interlude, Part II: The Specialist Physicians of Presidents Reagan and Bush I
11.  The White House Medical Unit Today
12.  The Twenty-Fifth Amendment and Its Impact on the White House Medical Unit
13.  Psychiatry and the Presidency
14.  The Medical Care of Vice Presidents
15.  Presidential Physicians After Their Tenures

If you have questions about the book please contact the Dr. Deppisch by going to the Contact page.

White House Physician